Sitters….for Parents too!

BabysitEase sitters are coming to the rescue for families like yours this summer! How? Our sitters are filling in the gaps where parents can’t leave the office to take or pick up their children from summer activities.  Even if your children are sure they are too old for a babysitter, our team can still save the day. Our […]

3 Reasons A Summer Nanny Could Save Your Life

A nanny can bring oodles of benefits to your home and your life.  Buuuuuut, if you’ve never had the pleasure of having one, let me highlight a few ways our sitters can be dynamos in your busy little world! 1.Healthier Children Having a nanny allows your children the opportunity to stay in his or her comfortable […]

Sitter Of The Month: Hannah Phillips

Even though Hannah Phillips has only been with BabysitEase since January, she has made a huge impact in the lives of multiple families. She has been able to attend class with one tweener who needs additional assistance to finish his tasks in the classroom and also stepped in as a full time interim nanny for a family […]

Find The One……..Babysitter, That Is

Have you ever  thought finding “the one” would be effortless?  That serendipity would just present on its own?  Well, it’s not so different for parents looking for sitters & nannies.  BabysitEase has decided to help serendipity along in finding “the one”!  A sitter who just fits into your family like a missing puzzle piece. Or a […]

Moms and Dads Please Don’t Forget

We’re thrilled that you use BabysitEase, in fact, did you know you help to make ends meet for over a hundred of our babysitters that work throughout the city.  We would like to make sure they continue to think we’ve got the best families in the community with a friendly reminder of some expectations. Minimum Hourly Rates […]

Family Expectations

Pricing Schedule – Paid to BabysitEase $50.00 One Time Registration Fee $25.00 Annual Renewal Fee $ 8.00 Standard Babysitter Placement Fee $10.00 Overnight & Holiday Babysitter Placement Fee $15.00 Placement Fee for Requests made within 48 hrs of the sit & $ 8.00 Additional $8 charge if sit times/locations are changed within 48 hours of […]

About Our Babysitting Service

BabysitEase takes the frustration and busywork out of finding a babysitter. Whether its a continuing weekly appointment or just a Saturday night away from the children, BabysitEase can take care of your needs. We understand that building a network of reliable, qualified babysitters is not an easy task, especially if you are new to town […]